Human Interface and the Management of Information Best Paper Award

Certificate for best paper award of the Human Interface and the Management of Information thematic area. Details in text following the image

Certificate for Best Paper Award of the Human Interface and the Management of Information Thematic Area

The award has been conferred to

Nozomi Takahashi, Tomohiro Amemiya, Takuji Narumi, Hideaki Kuzuoka, Michitaka Hirose and Kazuma Aoyama
(The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Nozomi Takahashi

for the paper entitled

"Perception of Illusory Body Tilt Induced by Electrical Tendon Stimulation"

Presented in the context of
HCI International 2021
24-29 July 2021

Paper Abstract
"In virtual reality (VR) experiences, discordance between visual and somatic sensation reduces a user’s immersive experience. To address this problem, we introduced somatic sensation using illusory force induced by tendon electrical stimulation (TES). The effect of TES applied to the tibialis anterior muscle tendon (TA) and Achilles’ tendon (AC) on force sensation and center of pressure (CoP) in standing position was investigated. Result suggests that application of TES to TA and AC induces force sensation to evoke body sway in the backward and forward direction respectively, while effects on CoP appear to be contradicted to our hypothesis. According to the descriptions of induced sensation of body tilt obtained from questionnaires, this technique is a promising way to present information of ground in VR."

The full paper is available through SpringerLink, provided that you have proper access rights.