Information for Paper Presenters

Although the format of the virtual HCII 2021 program has changed (spreading the duration of the conference to six days), the nature of paper presentations is not affected.

Papers will be presented during the 2-hour parallel sessions of the Conference, each with up to 6 papers. Each paper will be allocated up to 15 minutes of presentation time, with an additional period of up to 5 minutes for questions and answers (Q&A) immediately after the presentation.

The Session Chair will introduce the speakers and moderate the Q&A. Unless it is absolutely necessary, the order of presentations will be kept as listed in the Conference Program. In case of a problem with a particular presentation (e.g. temporary technical difficulties), the Session Chair will make the necessary adjustments to the sequence of presentations of the session, allowing time for the technical problem to be fixed.

The HCII2021 virtual conference will be using the CISCO Webex events platform. Guidelines and specific instructions about how to access the on-line sessions of the HCII2021 virtual conference will be provided to the presenters by email and will be made available through their HCII 2021 CMS account.

For their participation in the HCII2021 virtual conference, presenters should ensure in advance that:

  • their (PPTX) presentation is running smoothly on their target device (the one they will use to join the virtual Conference);
  • they have a reliable internet connection;
  • they are equipped with an external microphone and speakers / headphones, if their device does not have embedded ones;
  • their target device is compatible with the system requirements of the Webex platform;
  • for better performance, they should consider downloading and installing the Webex application in their target device well in advance;
  • test their setup by joining a Webex Test Meeting well in advance.

Presenters are strongly advised to have their presentation readily available in pdf format as well.

All presenters are strongly advised to use a quiet room for their on-line connection. If they wish to present a video, they should NOT embed it in their presentation slides, but they should have it readily available as a separate file instead.

Strong recommendation to all Presenters: Before joining the virtual conference please make sure that your equipment is properly functioning. It is also recommended to have your camera turned on during your presentation, but if you wish, you can turn-off your camera at anytime.