Learning and Collaboration Technologies Best Paper Award

Certificate for best paper award of the 8th International Conference on Learning and Collaboration Technologies. Details in text following the image

Certificate for Best Paper Award of the 8th International Conference on Learning and Collaboration Technologies

The award has been conferred to

Joonas A. Pesonen
(University of Helsinki / Annie Advisor Ltd, Finland)

Joonas A. Pesonen

for the paper entitled

"‘Are You OK?’ Students’ Trust in a Chatbot Providing Support Opportunities"

Presented in the context of
HCI International 2021
24-29 July 2021

Paper Abstract
"Chatbots show promise as a novel way to provide support to students. However, a central issue with new technologies such as chatbots is whether students trust the technology. In the present study, we use a chatbot to proactively offer academic and non-academic support to students (N = 274) in a Finnish vocational education and training (VET) organization. Students responded to the chatbot with a very high response rate (86%), and almost one-fifth (19%) of the respondents disclosed a need for support. Survey with a subset of participants (N = 49) showed satisfactory trust (total trust score 71% as measured by a human-computer trust scale) and satisfaction (average of 3.83 as measured by a five-point customer satisfaction instrument) with the chatbot. Trust was positively correlated with satisfaction as well as students’ likelihood to respond to the chatbot. Our results show that this kind of approach is applicable for recognizing students’ latent needs for support. Future studies should target the formation of trust in more detail and cultural differences in trusting chatbots."

The full paper is available through SpringerLink, provided that you have proper access rights.