Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Best Paper Award

Certificate for best paper award of the 13th International Conference on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Details in text following the image

Certificate for Best Paper Award of the 13th International Conference on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

The award has been conferred to

Vinu Kamalasanan (Leibniz University Hannover, Germany),
Frederik Schewe (Technische Universit├Ąt Braunschweig, Germany),
Monika Sester (Leibniz University Hannover, Germany) and
Mark Vollrath (Technische Universit├Ąt Braunschweig, Germany)

Vinu Kamalasanan

for the paper entitled

"Exploratory Study on the use of Augmentation for Behavioural Control in Shared Spaces"

Presented in the context of
HCI International 2021
24-29 July 2021

Paper Abstract
"Shared spaces are regulation free, mixed traffic environments supporting social interactions between pedestrian, cyclist and vehicles. Even when these spaces are designed to foster safety supported by reduced traffic speeds, unforeseen collisions and priority conflicts are always an open question. While AR can be used to realise virtual pedestrian lanes and traffic signals, the change in pedestrian motion dynamics using such approaches needs to be understood. This work highlights an exploratory study to evaluate how speed and path of pedestrians are impacted when using an augmented reality based virtual traffic light interface to control collisions in pedestrian motion. To achieve this objective we analyse the motion information from controlled experiments, replicating pedestrian motion on a lane supported by a stop and go interface and including scenarios such as confronting a crossing pedestrian. Our statistical and quantitative analysis gives some early insights on pedestrian control using body worn AR systems"

The full paper is available through SpringerLink, provided that you have proper access rights.