HCII2021 Special Thematic Sessions on 'Human-Centered AI'

The times indicated are in "Eastern Daylight Time - EDT (Washington DC)"

Monday, 26 July

08:00 – 10:00 10:15 – 12:45 13:15 – 15:15 15:30 – 17:30

08:00 – 10:00 (EDT - Washington DC)
HCII2021 Special Thematic Sessions on 'Human-Centered AI'

S110: Trustworthy AI for a Human-Centered Future
Chair(s): Iliana Maifeld-Carucci, United States; Christina Strobel, Germany

  • Towards Fairness in AI: Addressing Bias in Data Using GANs
    Amirarsalan Rajabi, Ozlem Garibay, United States
  • Human-Machine Interfaces: an HCAI Perspective
    Brent Winslow, United States
  • Are Care-Dependent Less Averse to Care Robots? – An Experimental Study
    Anja Bodenschatz, Manuela Schönmann, Matthias Uhl, Gari Walkowitz, Germany
  • Applying Human Cognition to Assured Autonomy
    Monica Lopez-Gonzalez, United States
  • Uncovering AI Black Boxes with Machine Teaching
    Hernisa Kacorri, United States
  • Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in Cars: A Survey Approach
    Christina Strobel, Germany; Jason Dana, United States

10:15 – 12:45 (EDT - Washington DC)
HCII2021 Special Thematic Sessions on 'Human-Centered AI'

S111: AI, Decision-Making, and the Impact on Humans
Chair(s): Salvatore Andolina, Italy; Joseph Konstan, United States

  • I Disagree! Aligning Artificial Intelligence With The Messy Reality of Societal Disagreement
    Michael Bernstein, United States
  • Human-Centered Recommendations: Actionable, Controllable, and Impactful
    Salvatore Andolina, Italy
  • Human-Centered Approaches to Supporting AI Fairness in Practice
    Michael Madaio, United States
  • HCAI: Exploring Augmentation and Assistance in the Small and the Large
    Elizabeth Churchill, United States
  • A Quantum Leap for Fairness: Quantum Bayesian Approach for Fair Decision Making
    Ece Mutlu, Ozlem Garibay, United States
  • The Role of Human Cognitive Motivation in Human-AI Collaboration on Decision-Making Tasks
    Krzysztof Gajos, United States
  • Auditing and Assurance of Algorithms: Towards a Framework to Ensure Ethical Algorithmic Practices in Artificial Intelligence
    Ramya Akula, Ivan Garibay, United States
  • Toward Bounded Autonomy: Challenges and Vision
    Joseph Konstan, United States

13:15 – 15:15 (EDT - Washington DC)
HCII2021 Special Thematic Sessions on 'Human-Centered AI'

S139: Human-AI Collaboration
Chair(s): Joseph Kider, Ozlem Garibay, United States

  • Considerations for Development and Evaluation of Social Intelligence in Artificial Agents
    Jessica Williams, Florian Jentsch, Stephen Fiore, United States
  • Human and Artificial Intelligence and Safety at Work
    Waldemar Karwowski, United States
  • Preventing Repeated AI Harms by Sharing AI Failures
    Sean McGregor, United States
  • Human-Machine Teaming
    Isaac Arthur, United States
  • A Situation Awareness Perspective on Human-Agent Collaboration: Tensions and Opportunities
    Jinglu Jiang, United States; Alexander Karran, Constantinos K. Coursaris, Pierre-Majorique Léger, Canada; Joerg Beringer, United States

15:30 – 17:30 (EDT - Washington DC)
HCII2021 Special Thematic Sessions on 'Human-Centered AI'

S140: Exploring a Human-Centered Future for AI
Chair(s): Sean Koon, Ivan Garibay, United States

  • Developing Distinctive Aims and Characteristics for HCAI
    Sean Koon, United States
  • Ambient Systems for Well-Being: The Role of Human-Centred AI
    Margherita Antona, Greece
  • Universal Access in AI-enabled Environments
    Constantine Stephanidis, Greece
  • Human-Centered AI: Reliable, Safe & Trustworthy
    Ben Shneiderman, United States
  • Human-Centered AI: Challenges and Opportunities for the HCI Community
    Wei Xu, P.R. China
  • Ethical AI for Social Good
    Ramya Akula, Ivan Garibay, United States